Saturday, August 27, 2005


no mo aces

(...yet another glimpse of freedom, the end of education...)


whatever went up
and disappeared
is gone at last

there won't be
another vow
another cause to confirm

for a long time now..

i have my space again
and jerks feel freer
awfully spaced again
with lesser sacked trial

The "wilson" effect

Factually a person cannot survive for long without interaction with other people. And that, precisely, is why I run out of my room every 15 minutes, especially while studying. I just need to ensure that the "world outside the door" is still as it was, when I left it earlier.

Exam time and my sidey goes into his room and I never see him for days. ( I hope he is having at least one meal a day). Surprisingly his study strategy works for him, then why am I afraid of studying for hours at an end?

I am paranoid!! about what.? I call it the "Crusoe effect" or more lately the "wilson" effect. When you lock yourself in your room with the books ( and just books) for days, you tend to perceive the book as another human creature.. (aka the "wilson" effect from "castaway"). You start to love your books, hate some books, fight with some and sleep with some (no pun intended). My paranoia stems from the possibility that the book might take up a mind of its own. If we get into a strife, the book assumes a different form altogether, jumbles up its own words (or pages), and eventually the poor student in me absorbs the randomized words in the "revenge of the books".

Who suffers? Me, obviously. I am paranoid!!... having thought of the "wilson" effect, I tend to open text books on special occasions only, avoid a long contact with the books, ensuring that the book remains a book, and as far as possible, retain contact with the "world outside the door".

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Sunday, August 21, 2005

me, myself and entertainment management

In a recent seminar, I was told- " flip thru the pages of the times, find out which topics you are attracted to, if your eyes zoom to catch the latest stock trends, then you are a financial guy and should be an investment banker. If you are passionate in reading news about IT firms, then presto, you should go the IT consulting route".

Succumbing to the pressures from the outside world, I decided to try out the "page-flipping" experiment to find out what I liked in the daily paper. My eyes always fluttered when I opened the Sunday Times and saw the scantily clad damsels in the Movie page. Ok, I get the picture....Maybe I should be affliated with entertainment management.

Entertainment (which differs from event management) and media management appears to be a forelone course amidst a Financials and Consulting focused curriculum. And I am left wondering how long will it take for it to make a itself a marquee course at the IIMs ?

In perspective, is Entertainment management "in vogue" enough to be offered as a career path in the big schools? I decided to look up at the various US schools that offered such options. . Well, the numbers are'nt that good either in the US of A. Smack in the heart of "Hollywood" , the UCLA Anderson school of business has an "Entertainment and Media management " institute. I asked an acquaintance at UCLA .... "oh , it really is spectacular, we have specific courses on entertainment laws, movies, advertising strategy , yeah and last year we went down to Cannes, This year we have special invites to the academy awards " and the list goes on.... Sounds wonderful.

Now what would I do with a specialization in Entertainment management in India? Here are thoughts about a few options.

Manage a few "bollywood" star careers?
Manage strategy in an Advertising firm?
Program management at any of the thousand odd production houses in the country?

But again, how quickly can I ascend to the top. There is the talk of the casting couch going around in entertainment...advantage the fairer sex ( no offense intended, but that is how the general perception is).
At the top, there is always the entrepreneur who invested his money into the organization and the rung is full at least two levels below him. There are always veterans vying for that occasional vacant position. Sigh..... The corporate ladder seems to be non-existant.

The canvas creation that I painted with moments of glee, while turning the pages of the Sunday Times seems to be amateurish in retrospect. Is entertainment management really big in India?
Does it have the broad scope and the career growth opportunity that many other sectors offer a B-school grad? Would that be enough to mandate the emergence of an elective in media management in the B-schools?

These are the questions that I will ponder on over the next couple of years. Meanwhile let me try out my career-oriented "page flipping" experiment on the "Filmfare" which I bought yesterday.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

On how to study at IIMC…

(Especially for those who are not naturally inclined to muggai!)

Well, the Term IV ends soon, and so it’s that time when most of us think about studies for a change. And you have to make a start somewhere. So, even if the world is racing ahead at the speed matched only by the erstwhile ‘street hawk’, where everyone else by your sides blurs into streaky lines beyond recognition, I decided to take the slow and steady lane, much like Narain’s teammate this year—he got better results after all!

On an august afternoon, when the Joka sun was playing around with rather thick and foamy clouds, a bunch of friends went out with a single aim—to study the Indian Legal System. Truly, the intricacies of this subject we were unaware of, but as it turned out:

So here we were, a motley crowd trying to make head and tail out of a mischievously misprinted set of ILS notes, wherein each new sentence promised to be longer than the last, as well as a bit more rudimentary. So sale of goods by A to X and non payment by X to A led to a certain C getting aggrieved, due to the singular fact that he was the neighbor of X on a certain keypad, actions by members and directors in the articles of association would blind(bind) the company, and partners could be used (sued) for act of the company!

But soon our pursuits shifted. Nature in its full vividness was more than merely inviting for us to resist. Not that we did not try… we shifted positions, directions, books and what not:

Scene 1: Take 1

Scene 1: Take 2

Scene 1: Take ∞

So we gave up. And fell into the trap of what beauty is, what defines our beloved Joka! Let me tell you, it was better than any legal system there ever could be:

Scene 2: Let this take forever!

Maybe beyond forever…

And so, the evening gave way to the dusky lights of the west, and the legal system stood just as complicated before our gleaming eyes as it had three hours ago. But then it was all worth it, every single bit of it.

See you some more, some day.


Well, this is one thing which I severely lack. Our mind keeps thinking something or the other. Its always in the "Run" mode. Even when we sleep our thought process is working albeit slowly. This activity goes on while we are walking, eating, watching a movie, playing, bathing and even when I am writing this blog.

When I started by saying I severely lack this, I didn't mean to say that all the above does not happen. Its just that I sometimes think (shit, there it goes again) if I should think what I am thinking. Are my thoughts productive? I think about studies, movies, girls, food, life, sports and much much more. But where are my thoughts headed to. Many times I decide to do something but its way-laid quite soon. Do I have the will or the perseverance to do something. I dont know. I have to think on those lines.

They say that great people are not thinkers but doers. Aah, how did they do something which they have not thought on. Probably they mean to say that they dont waste too much time in just thinking but actually doing it. True, they set milestones on their journey and audit every mile of their travel towards the goal if they are on the correct milestone and correct themselves.

Well, the art of thinking is something which if mastered can give outstanding results. And most of the times, my thinking goes in a random direction with no idea where it is heading to. This article proves this theory of mine!

flight of chaos

there is a rival inside us all that we constantly try to understand. when that doesn't work, we seek the temporary.

escape and fade back
recognition and retribution
fame and shame, a sillier game
power and control, and there is no such thing
time and money, enough is enough

creation is constantly challenging what we know. talk the obvious, hit your keyboard, and challenge me without your emotions.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

punishment and retributions

why do we believe that retributions and punishments alone can set right what was wrong. can't we just keep aside the entire episodes and move forward ignoring their baggage. isnt the path shown by truth and reconciliation mission in SA better than that of our 'moderate' judicial enquiries or of right wing retribution politics of modi and mugabe!

putting in place practices to prevent recurrance is what is more important in my view than punishing the guilty of what was long past. and we, as a society (not just the government) fail totally on this count while stressing whole heartedly on the punishment part of it.

also, cant some writers just stop desist from writing to death about everytime a small event happens related to 47/75/84/92/godhra. each of those articles desensitizes unaffected folks like me on one hand and ignites the latent hatred lying within people on both sides of divide related, even if remotely, to the particular incident

Friday, August 12, 2005

hi everybody...

Good to see blog coming up within 10 mins of conceptualization... :) .. Now, all it needs is some action. :)

~and yeah, SISD sucks :)

A space for us all...

A space where we can talk about, praise, criticise or generally discuss ad infinitum issues close to us and our institute.