Saturday, January 14, 2006

Carpediem's happening....

Well, I dont know about last year but this year its rocking!! With the junta coming from Kolkata and other places, campus is looking quite lively. And why not? Junta being in an enthu mood and waiting for a cul fest with the time having arrived...
Yesterday we had the Professional Drams Play 'Kharashein' and to simply put it, it was awesome! The inaugural lamp was lighted by the Director of the play, Prof. Asim Pal (am not very sure of this) and our Cul Secy Konda. And true to the style of Konda, he said something on the mike, came and sat on his seat waiting for somebody to announce. A minute of silence and nothing happens. Then he realises that there is none and people are into splits! The director of the play comes next on the mike and seeing the mood informs the audience that the play might not be the right kind for now because its themed on the communal violence that ensued during partition. The play starts and what followed was an absolutely marvellous sensitive play.
Today we had the Dance Competition with Bhawanipur coming first followed by Xaviers, then Armageddon Rock Competition and the much awaited Fashion Show....Ah, what a day. Hope we had this kind of cultural mileu more often. I can see a lots of CAM on this from people here :)


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