Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Vijay Lancy's Article in the Economic Times

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Goodbye IIMC.... you made me what I am...

Well, its that time of my life again, when you move out of one stage and you move into another. For all practical purposes my life in IIMC and most probably as a student, it over. I remember the first time I walked into (drove into, rather) this campus. The absolute letdown of the Calcutta “city” was completely erased from my mind the moment I saw this awesome campus loom in front of my eyes.

The two years here have been eventful to say the least. Norris, my senior used to tell me that the campus grows on you. I couldn’t understand what he said and why he spent hours near the jetty. I came to IIMC to learn management; I guess I have learnt much more than that.

What all has IIMC taught me? Hmmm. Good question. It has definitely taught me to go “value adding” activities like bullshit a class of 250 students non stop for 40 mins (they call it case based discussions) or to chill out till the nth hour and sit and cram something hours (and sometimes even minutes) before the exam (sack & crack, the IIMC way !)

In the social life front (which forms a majority of my life here), I have learnt to live with people from different regions, countries and backgrounds. IIMC has taught me the advantage of team work – be in a tyre raid during the world war and u know what I am talking about. It has given me the strength to dream big and work hard to achieve it. Intaglio 2005-06 was our dream, and we made it into the most successful business school meet in India. Its also about unity. Coming from a background of students indulging in campus politics and looking for an excuse to get at each other, this institute surprised me on its capability to rally all its students together for a cause. Each and every student who has passed through the revered hallways of this institute loves and respects this place. There is no section based, region based or hostel based division and that makes it such a healthy environment for growth.

Most importantly, I think IIMC has taught me a new way of life. Its this unique mix wherein you are taught all about the cold, professional world of management on one side, and you learn to appreciate the beauty of nature and like to sit beside the lake and watch the sun set on the other side. Its about leading teams with purpose and working with deadly efficiency on one side and laying back and sleeping or just roaming around campus on the other.

All in all, I think IIMC has taught me to take the best of both worlds. It has empowered me with a strong heart and a confident spirit. It has given me friendships that I will treasure for the years to come. As I say goodbye to this great institute which has made me what I am.. all I can say is.. IIMC tujhe Salaam…