Sunday, October 30, 2005

Wishing all Jokaites a Happy Diwali

Well the best celebrated festival of Jokaland is here. So here is a small effort from my side

Sunday, October 02, 2005

IIMC-XL meet day 1

The Prezi's message: "Its that time of the year again when emotions will run high in every IIMCian. When your belly will be on fire to beat the XLers square".

Well, finally the much awaited day arrived. We, the juniors, came to know from our seniors that this is one another time (other being WW) when people have max enjoyment. The rivalry, the fights, the booing, the hooting, the sledging...all these that are "not expected" from a Manager all are seen in action.

Hey where is your decency. What about giving respect to others?
Cut the crap dude. The only thing we know of is winning. And we do that in style. Never mind a few setbacks we have suffered. Sometimes a tiger needs to go hungry for a day to realise what hunger means and it helps to come back with much better tactics and a sharp mind.

Coming back to the XL welcome, BB and IP became active in the last 2 days with people coming out with plans and strategies as to making the next 3-4 days one of the best times of our lives. We were told of the famed female species of XL. Sometimes, I feel that every institute should have a policy of equal rights (read seats) to men and women. Well, the wait was getting more and more difficult to tolerate. We were just waiting for the XLites to land in the jokaland.

IP became hyperactive with the info about the arrival of XLites pouring in. IP was something like CNN with continuous updates and slogans. Junta gathered in quite good numbers at the OH entrance to give a taste of the Jokaites' decibels to the poor souls coming in thinking they would rock the show. The tired and ragged XLites arrived and I suppose as has been the tradition came walking from the insti gate towards OH. The frightened but united herd of deers came in with puffed chests and started straining their vocal chords at the turn of Tata Hall. The tigers just kept patience with their eyes fixated on the pack. Poor souls managed to strain their throats and kept shouting. We were standing face to face with them. Thats when the tigers roared. And believe me, the voice could have been heard till NH. We had only heard but now were seeing THE thing. The enthu, the adrenaline, the shouts....It was simply amazing! Now I realise why this event is one of the most memorable one in the life of a Jokaite!

The author later asked an XLite: "So how was the welcome?"
XLite: "Huh. Do I need to say anything? We were simply outnumbered! Was the whole campus out here?"
The author: "Luckily for u, it was not. There was probably some 60% turnout".
(My numbers is just an estimate. So dont go on this. Anyways, this reflects why I screwed up big time in Stats!!)

Well, the fun has just begun. Miles to go before we sleep.

~IIMC Rockz
~You Labour, We Manage

Saturday, October 01, 2005

interesting session : bill gates and warren buffett in Univ Nebraska (Buffett's alma mater)

Warren Buffett, Bill Gates talk bridge, business and family to students.....

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates told business students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln not to expect him to take over his friend Warren Buffett's investment company just because he joined Berkshire Hathaway's board last year.

A student put Gates on the spot with that question Friday during a forum that drew a crowd of about 1,800. About 100 students, nominated by faculty, got to share the stage and question the two men.

Buffett, the Omaha-based investment wizard, perked up at the question about the future of his company.

"I'm going to take notes on this," Buffett said.

Gates said just being on the board is an honor and he is still learning about Berkshire's unique structure.

"It won't be me," Gates said of who would take over for Buffett, 75. "Berkshire's got a lot of great people who understand their system."

Business ethics was the general topic for the forum, but Gates and Buffett fielded questions for nearly two hours on a variety of serious and silly issues including their definition of success, the future of video games and who plays bridge better.

Buffett and Gates mixed advice with humor.

A video established the afternoon's lighthearted tone by depicting Buffett suing Gates in "Judge Judy's" small claims court over a $2 bet on an online bridge game.

In the video, Judge Judy tired of Gates' defense and told him, "Mr. Gates, you've got to visit"

Buffett bragged that, "I was cleaning his clock as usual" when asked how the bridge game was going and accused Gates of unplugging his computer to avoid losing.

So Judy ruled for Buffett: "Mr. Gates, pay the man two bucks," she said. "Maybe he'll invest it and make something of himself."

By most accounts, both men already have done that. Gates again beat Buffett for the top spot on Forbes Magazine's list of the 400 wealthiest Americans this year with his $51 billion. Buffett was listed with $40 billion. They have been friends since 1991.

Buffett teased Gates about his wealth and the Forbes list several times, especially when Gates noted that his Berkshire board member pay doesn't cover the flight to Omaha.

"We pay our directors $900 a year," Buffett said. "I'd like to pay him more, but he's already so far ahead of me on the Forbes list."

And Buffett made sure to point out early that Gates dropped out of college, which prompted Gates to remove his crimson Harvard sweat shirt. Buffett wore a long-sleeved, red Nebraska polo shirt.

Both Buffett and Gates encouraged students not to measure success in monetary terms.

"You have lived a successful life if the people you hope love you do," Buffett said.

In addition to the main forum, Buffett met with a classroom full of students in the master's in business administration program, and Gates talked to about 100 students in the J.D. Edwards Honors Program in Computer Science and Management.

The MBA students asked Buffett about practical matters, such as how he chooses which businesses to buy, and more political matters, such as whether ethical regulations Congress implemented in the last few years were needed and effective.

Buffett said Berkshire Hathaway has become so well-known that many people approach him about selling their business to him. So Buffett just evaluates the company and the seller to judge how well it would fit his criteria for acquiring companies, which he has included in his annual letter for years.

On the political side, Buffett said corporate America deserved "to be a whipping boy to some extent" because of the anything-goes culture that prevailed in the 1990s, and he doesn't resent the regulations.

"I would say publicity and attention has done more than those regulations," he said.

Students who attended the main forum said they were struck most by the two billionaires' sense of humor and how much they said they value family.

"I thought Warren Buffett was pretty funny," said Austin Weaver of Malcolm, Neb.