Friday, December 02, 2005

getting senti

oh well.. nobody gets senti in public these days. well, since the elections and placements are now over, i'm hoping people have cooled down or sobered up. i had such a wholesome day today, that i thought i'd talk about what a great city this is, and i promise you that this is not a diary entry of sorts. i never believed in that anyway, but that's a whole other discussion. i submitted three assignments today. that's the boring part, and not many people enjoy talking about that kind of thing, but for me, it's like a little miracle. so i'll say it again just to remind myself ;) i submitted three assignments today. and then i also practised two songs with my great fellow musicians. you guys rock. i know i'm really hard on you all sometimes, but it's only because somewhere deep inside, i believe that the only way you're going to get someone to do something right, is to make them feel repeatedly uncomfortable about doing it wrong. oh well, we all make mistakes. i'm digressing. i also had a chance to watch a great band from Delhi called 'them clones' perform at someplace else. i had heard a lot about them, back in the days of undergrad culfests, where so many creative folk actually found time to do nothing and sing songs under trees. they happened to play two of my really-close-to-the-heart type songs. one was 'alive' by pearl jam and the other was 'pride(in the name of love)' by u2. something happened after that, and things got a little too chaotic. the songs were also slowly shifting frequencies down the spectrum, from the esoteric-political-angst-condensing-to-beauty type songs to the not-so-intense-rebellious-world-domination type songs. hmm, looks like i've found a little loophole in my argument. okay, the best part was the cab ride back to joka, home of the great big white birds on the trees (are they really a siberian migrant species, or was that just a rumour that turned into a very intelligent practical joke for the masses ?). songs on the radio after midnight are actually some of the best broadcasted material ever. i wonder why. so here i am in my room, using my brain all day, and trying to unwind on this keyboard and screen combination lock of communication. how wide is the world, and how many spiders actually live in the web? who cares. okay, i'm really drained out of sensible things to talk about. just chill