Monday, February 13, 2006

promoting PGP

Well, i just read that another famed b-school has used the leo burnett agency to promote the gospel about an executive MBA program. My humble thought that was we should also get a burnett on board...How abt THE "Mark Burnett"??

Here are a few suggestions that he would give..
1) create "survivor:pgp"... where you are dumped from a running bus into joka campus with only the shirt you wear!!!
The rules are simple, after one year of gruelling academics, if you find your name on the roll of honor , you get the coveted distinction of being called "survivor". But you are not alone, there would be at least 200 other contenders. The only communication with the outside world would be through(not email, not a mobile phone, not even posted snail mail) telepathy. Why? of course you do not have money with you to get a cab! Oh yeah, there is always the lake where you would have the bikini clad survivor contestant trying to seduce another one and "put lake" him.

2) The "apprentice: Jokaland"... Trump would fly in in his learjet, land somewhere somehow (the lakes are good for landing too). and you would have 80 of the most experienced MBA aspirants on earth doing projects for him. George and Carolyn would not be able to make it to India and so Burnett would suggest that Trump select suitable ones from the Student council (Creating a mini-episode in itself).
Projects for the apprentices would include:
a) Ensuring that company ppts meet all the WWRs

b) Contract with IBM to install biometric measures for that attendance thingy

c) Conduct the XL meet without the F word.

The last round would of course be held in the auditorium. The prize for the winner would be a PPI from ITC (since they understood that a sonar bangla dinner might cost more to ITC).

3) IIM County Chopper - These extremely challenging projects (agreed that it's not a burnett original) would culminate when you deliver a management framework that looks sexy and can growl like a real chopper! The tools (library, dc++, ipmsg) would be provided on campus, but there would always be the toughest prof on campus (paul snr) to intimidate the contestant.

4) The simple PGP life: Two of the trendiest PGP ladies would be sent out to the backward areas of calcutta to learn about the indian social structure. and yes, they would sleep on the floor, milk the cow, cook chapathis the traditional way, and earn their living by washing plates. The finale is when they get a rendezvous with lionel richie and get to stay in the Bengal Hilton (?) for a day.

That is all i could muster in the 5 minutes to class deadline before rushing out of the hostel room.

~Want Mark Burnett and his skimpily clad contestants on campus

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Hats off to an indomitable spirit!!!

This was a blog i had written in my blog a couple of weeks back.. thought it was more appropriate on the IIMC blog!

Malli Mastan Babu has done it again! He has started on his conquest of the seven highest peaks in the world by climbing Mt. Vinson in Antartica.

The News Article,curpg-1.cms

When I read this news, with the placement fever in the background I just realized how big a decision he had made in his life and how he had actually made “following a dream” into a reality.

What am I talking about?

Rewind 2 years, Mr. Malli was a student at IIM Calcutta. He had his graduation from IIT Kharagpur and in all probability would have been placed in a great firm with an amazing salary.

He had set up the adventure club in campus. While others would sit in their rooms or go out drinking during the evening, he used to swim in the lakes in campus. While others used to long to go back home and get cozy on ur fav couch, he longed to go to Himalayas. He used to arrange treks for other students and alumni.

In the month of Jan, 2004 Malli did the unthinkable for any IIM student, leave any IIM student; any student in this part of the world. He opted out of the placement process to start a career in mountaineering.

Ok… (takes deep breath)… I gotta repeat that. He decided not to sit for placements in IIM Calcutta because he wanted to climb mountains! The very thought of such a concept sends chills down my spine. I know how much career focused people here are. I know the peer pressure that gets into you once you get into an IIM. Such a decision from anyone would be insane to say the least!

But IIMC being what IIMC is.. approves and cultivates diversity. You think I’m crapping? Well the guy was awarded the “Dr. B.C. Roy award for best outstanding contribution to campus life” during the convocation. A large portion of his funds for traveling and climbing these mountains have been contributed by Alumni at IIMC. He has also started a professional adventure company for arranging treks for corporates. The Alumni have also helped him out a lot for this.

Malli is a cult figure in IIMC. He started the adventure club, which is one of the most active clubs in campus; but more importantly he rekindled a trend amongst the students to find their passion. I’ve met him in campus many times – he is just like one of us, mild mannered, fun loving IIMCian. However unlike many of us he had the clarity to know what he wanted in life and the guts to stick to that goal and follow it up.

Hats off to you Malli!!! Hope you conquer the next 6 peaks too… Keep the IIMC flag flying high!

You can visit Malli’s website here