Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Malli- the mohammed who went to and conquered the mountains

Prankie had asked me to put up a blog entry on Malli when he had conquered Mt everest. Silly me: was caught up right in the middle of the internship, however I tried to justify the inability to post an entry by saying that I was waiting for much bigger news from Malli. That "news" has finally arrived.

Malli has finally created a world record of conquering 7 summits (apparently it is a part of mountaineering terminology that defines 7 mountains in just two words) in the shortest span to date.

I admire him for two aspects and his physical strength is not one of those. The characteristics that I admire would be those that I probably lack in. And the first in those is his ability to pursue his dream without letting sponsorships and its nuances forming a roadblock. Personally, I might let go of a dream, if I had difficulty getting sponsorships. But Malli has persisted with his dreams and he has won. It really is "hats off" to him for his devotion to his goals.

The second characteristic is his ability to find alternatives when ever diplomacy comes across him. I heard "tales" of how he hitched a ride in a cargo plane and of deportation from an alien nation. Amazing indeed! The methodical way of thinking outside the regular norms, ability to comprehend the situation and act in the best (optimum) way, are some rarely-found traits in human beings today. I had to struggle to develop those skills to the amateur level at which they exist in me. Malli seems to have mastered those skills by now.

Mountains are no longer hurdles for this young man ...Malli, the coming days should be enjoyed to the most. It is not everyday that an IIMC-ian sets a world record (oh unless you are Malli, of course) . Truly, it is with a lot of joy that I say that at this moment "IIMC is proud of it being a part of you"


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